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Backdoor Survey by eBay India

I’ve bought stuff from eBay India in the past.

A few months ago,  when I bought something on that site, two days after the item had been delivered to me, I got an automated message to say that the payment to the seller was on hold because *I* had requested a refund! I promptly wrote back to them, explaining that I had received the item and that I had not asked for any refund. I also wrote to the seller, explaining the situation. A few days later, I got a message from eBay to say that my “request for refund” had been denied and that they were ‘obligated’ to pay the seller! [Regardless of the idiocy of their message, I was glad they gave the hapless seller his due.]

Looking back, though, that was only a peccadillo — I concluded they were plain inefficient. I really had nothing against eBay — until a couple of days ago.

A few days ago, eBay mailed me to say that since I was a regular customer, would I be so kind as to participate in a survey and get a Rs. 500 voucher as a thank-you gesture from them?

I wondered if there was a catch, but there was none. Just a straightforward survey, though not terribly short. I filled it out, and I got a message, informing me that I would get a Rs. 500 voucher by June 21.

Sure enough, I got one on the 21st night. It looked like this:

As promised, here ís the coupon that you can use for your next purchase on eBay India!

eBay Coupon topline Redeeming your Coupon is easy!
1. Buy an item on eBay on or before 30th June, 2013
2. Select “Pay using PaisaPay”
3. Enter Gift Coupon code. Pay the balance using Net banking or Credit/ Debit card
Terms & Conditions Apply
For further information FAQs;
  Code: XXXXXXXXXX (number masked by me)
  First Come First Serve
*eBay Coupon is not redeemable against “Deals” Items

Thanks for shopping with us.

I checked the terms and conditions — it came with no strings attached — no minimum purchase necessary. On the 22nd, I proceeded to buy some stuff costing Rs. 677 (so I would pay 177 from my pocket). When I entered the coupon code,  lo and behold! — I got a message to say:

This voucher is valid only for order [sic] above Rs. 7500. Please use a different voucher or proceed with payment.

Of course, I wasn’t going to let the matter end there.

The post continues here.


3 comments on “Backdoor Survey by eBay India

  1. Manish Agrawal
    June 25, 2013

    Great to knw ur thoughts. One thing to be noticed is that the company had sent a mail stating that the coupon mailed are not valid since the mail was sent due to some flaws without terms and conditions.
    You are surely literate but not educated and mostly an unemployeed honoured man who just knows to abuse big brands with some viered intension to spoil brand images..god knws what fun u get in doing this.

    I am a frequent online shopper and also a businessman. I understand such errors and dont waste my time over them instead spend time to earn respect and money with my own swet.

    I am sure u will pull this coz u get fun in playing with others images since mainly coz u dont have any of urs..


    • Rant. Rave. Share.
      June 25, 2013

      Hi Manish,
      Thank you for your comment. Because you are a busy man who understands such errors and does not waste time over them, I am truly honoured that you have taken the time to read my post and a leave a comment. It will be great if you can share your enlightening comment on Facebook too — this way, it can reach many more people.


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