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eBay finally sends the voucher!

Well, finally, I got the voucher from eBay India. (The history of this saga is here.) This voucher arrived after I relentlessly:
a) Posted on eBay India’s Facebook wall (and they kept censoring and pulling off my posts)
b) Wrote to their CEO on Facebook
c) Posted against other aggrieved people’s comments, and
d) Recommended on the wall that such customers contact Bloomberg’s Fightback programme

[BTW, for those of you who have consumer complaints, there’s this great programme on Bloomberg TV  — you can contact them with your grievance at or, or call them at 022 40987444. Twitter: BUTVFightBack]


eBay couldn’t get it right immediately, though. They sent me another voucher like the old one (stipulating a minimum purchase of Rs. 7500), which I ignored. A few days later, I got this “no strings attached” voucher, which worked fine.Interestingly, they sent this voucher only to three of us (eleven of us ‘affected’ people had collectively approached them) — the other eight have still not received it.

Of course, just to get my pound of flesh, I made sure I used the voucher. But this entire experience has left a bad taste in my mouth — and after reading so many complaints on their wall, I am not inclined to make any more purchases on eBay. Especially if it’s a big-ticket item, I think the consumer is better off shopping on a more trustworthy site or at a physical store.


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