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ICICI credit card recovery agents wake up after over 3 years

My dad held an ICICI credit card from around 2006 to 2012. Initially, the card number was xxxx. Later, around 2010, they brought in some enhancements so they replaced it with a new card # yyyy, which he used until 2012.


A couple of months ago, he got a call from ICICI bank to say that he owed them Rs. 10,500 on his (now defunct) credit card. This surprised all of us because we are very prompt [except once — see footnote*] in paying our credit card bills, knowing the hefty charges for delayed payment . When he asked them what he had spent on or when, they said they had no details, except that it had been incurred on card #xxxx — the older card! They also said that there were no dues from the earlier or later months.

A few days later, the recovery agent dropped in at home, merely to say the same thing — he ‘explained’ that my dad had incurred an expenditure of about Rs. 7000 at the time and, with interest and charges, it was now Rs. 10,500. [Not bad, assuming that the said expenditure was incurred between 2006 and 2010, it means that after 3-7 years, the credit card issuer charges you only 50% interest in all — about 7-17% per annum? That’s cheap, when everyone else charges 36% per annum!!] My dad asked them to produce the said month’s statement, and also the statement for the subsequent month. They have not given it; instead,  they have sent another letter last week, saying that he owes them 10,500 plus charges (because he did not pay up 10,500 a couple of months ago)!

This time, my dad has written to the Nodal Officer of ICICI (he has sent it by snail mail; he does not listen when I ask him to send it by e-mail!) — let’s see what they have to say.


1. What was ICICI Bank’s credit card recovery department doing for so many years — how come this unit has woken up now?

2. Since they replaced the card on their own, surely, they transferred all the dues to the new card? And if, indeed, my dad had failed to pay his credit card bill at the time, surely this backlog (plus charges) would have been reflected in the following month’s statement? And the Rs. 7000 (plus charges) would anyway have got paid then?

3. How can they even make a demand when they themselves do not have any details? How can this recovery agent show up when he does not even know if there is a valid case?!!

I shall update this blog when I hear back from them.

* On just one occasion, my dad forgot to pay the bill on card #yyyy because he had had a fall and had been hospitalized. A few days after the due date, when my dad was back home, a bank representative dropped in to inform him that he had not paid his bill, which, ICICI Credit Cards observed, was very unusual. He charged my dad Rs. 200 for default, gave him a receipt for this, and took the cheque for the due amount. The matter was closed. Therefore, if my dad had indeed defaulted on card #xxxx, how come they did not do any such thing? Surely, such procedures existed in those days too.


2 comments on “ICICI credit card recovery agents wake up after over 3 years

  1. ICICI Bank Care
    March 8, 2014

    Dear Ms.Subbarao,

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please send us your contact details at and our official will get back to you. Refer ‘46781885’ in the subject line.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team


    • Rant. Rave. Share.
      May 26, 2014

      ICICI, it is obvious that in your organization, one hand does not know what the other does. You submitted your comment on March 8, by which time your representative Ms. Vinodhini had already been in touch with us a few days. I shall soon write an update on the story (and, of course, publicize it on Facebook) and show that your organization is even worse than I thought.


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